Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Student Spotlight: Ivana Minoska, TOEFL Star

We are very proud of New York Language Center student, Ivana, for her excellent score of 106 on the TOEFL exam!

Ivana is visiting from her home country of Macedonia and has studied with NYLC since October of 2015. She is currently pursuing a Master in International Relations and Law. She is almost finished with her degree and is waiting to submit her Master’s thesis upon her return home.

After a cultural exchange program in Minnesota, Ivana decided that she wanted to allocate some of her time to improve her English further.  She loved her Mid-Western summer and decided then that she wanted to study in an American university—but first needed a great TOEFL score! Her goal is to complete her next educational endeavor at an American university. She is looking at law and masters programs at a few universities throughout the tri-state area. Her TOEFL score has given her more opportunities to the types of programs she will apply to, as well as her eligibility for scholarships. Ivana advises other TOEFL students to read newspapers (she reads both national and local papers) and to resist the temptation to use subtitles when watching TV. 

Ivana wanted to prepare for the TOEFL exam in New York because of the diversity and the multitude of opportunities that are available in this city. She found NYLC online, saw the good reviews and the central location, and made her choice! She “has not regretted it!” 

The teachers have been essential to her positive experience here at New York Language Center. They served as Ivana’s first New York hosts and were the first people she got to know in the city. Her NYLC teachers taught her more than just English--they educated her about NY culture and the NY way of life. She is also impressed that they are able to keep a class engaging for the entirety of the four-hour class!

When she is not at NYLC, Ivana can be found volunteering for Amnesty International, for whom she also e-volunteered in Macedonia. Volunteering at this non-profit organization has allowed her to remain active in her passion for defending human rights while meeting fellow human-rights lawyers and professionals.

Her favorite part about living in New York is the “harmonious diversity” of the city:  “NYC is somehow hopeful: people on the streets are rushing around, looking for action, for love--like they believe something good is about to come off and they must hurry to meet it. It's amazing!

When asked about the Macedonian food she missed most, Ivana was quick to mention her mother’s homemade soups and traditional spinach pies. She has not been to an authentic Macedonian restaurant in the metropolitan area yet, but she found an excellent Macedonian grocery store in New Jersey. She has also discovered a new love for Thai food during her time in NYC.

Congratulations, Ivana! We’re excited to see where your studies and aspirations take you next! 


Tri-state Area- The three states surrounding New York City: New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. 

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