Monday, May 9, 2016

Who is NYLC?

Every year, thousands of students from over a hundred different countries come to NYLC to learn English as a Second Language. With their diverse ethnic backgrounds, our students hold a wide array of professions and purposes for learning English.

For the student who is coming from overseas, the decision to travel to a foreign country to learn a language is a little more complicated. One of the most frequently asked questions for our NYLC Advisors is "Who are NYLC students?" In our video series "Meet our Students," we try to answer this question (as well as others) by giving a glimpse of the student life at our school, as well as our great city of New York.

Among the long list of impressive members in our student body is the lovely Olesia Stefanko. Olesia came to New York so that she could fulfill two long-held dreams: studying art and English in the "capital of the world!”

When she first began her program at NYLC, she kept a big secret from her classmates and was successful until her NYLC classmates and teacher decided to search her name on Google. It was then that we learned that in 2011, Olesia had represented her native country of Ukraine and was the first runner-up in the Miss Universe beauty pageant

In the video above, Olesia explains how teachers at NYLC are more than just teachers, they are also friends who genuinely care about the well-being of their students. Olesia became close with her fellow classmates, who are from all over the world, which made her experience at NYLC truly global.

Olesia is undoubtedly an exceptional individual and we were happy to have her as a part of our NYLC-family.
To meet more of the students, teachers and staff that make up NYLC, please watch more videos on our YouTube channel: 

Best of luck on your English learning, and we hope to see you at New York Language Center!

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