Friday, October 28, 2016

Are you DRESSING UP this Halloween?

Are you wearing a Halloween costume this year? Are you wondering if your friends or classmates are wearing costumes? You can use the phrasal verb "dress up" to talk about it. We use "dress up" when we put on something formal (an evening dress or a tuxedo); however, we also use it when we talk about wearing costumes as on Halloween.

  • Are you dressing up for Halloween
    • Absolutely! 
  • What are you dressing up as?
    • I'm dressing up as a vampire!
  • What are you going to be this Halloween?
    • I'm going to be Donald Trump!
  • What are you going (to the party) as?
    • I'm going as a scarecrow.

A lot of Americans really get into Halloween and don't miss the chance to trick or treat, carve a pumpkin, or decorate their homes with creepy objects. Are you going to do any of these?  
  • Who's going trick or treating?
    • I am! Does anybody want to come? 
  • I think I'm going to carve a pumpkin this year. 
    • Really? I've never done it. Can I help?
  • Absolutely! The more the merrier!

Well, there you are, folks. Use a couple of these vocabulary phrases and idioms as you get into the Halloween spirit. 


"TRICK OR TREAT" - what people do and say during Halloween when they knock on doors to ask for a treat (usually candy)
CARVE A PUMPKIN - cut and shape holes on the side of pumpkins to make a Jack O'Lantern
CREEPY - scary
THE MORE THE MERRIER - the more people join, the more fun it will be. #idiom

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