Thursday, January 5, 2017

It takes two to tango! ... & other idioms

The following sentences have idioms that are related to music and sound. Try filling in the blanks with the correct word on the list to complete each idiom. The answers and explanations are below so  you can check your work. No cheating! 

FIDDLE             WHISTLE             EARS             UP             RECORD        
EAR              HORN             BELL           TANGO          DRUM        
  1. Stop complaining about the same thing over and over. You sound like a broken _____.
  2. He’s not the most modest person in the world. He tends to toot his own _____.
  3. She’s not the only one to blame. He played a part in the whole situation. You know, it takes two to _____.
  4. He runs 5 miles a day. He’s fit as a _____.
  5. The latest news from City Hall was like music to our _____. The metrocard is going to be a dollar cheaper next month!
  6. I don’t think I know that person. The name doesn’t ring a _____.
  7. He’s always been a bit odd. He’s always marched to the beat of his own _____ since he was a child.
  8. I’m not really sure what I want to do tomorrow, so let’s just play it by _____.
  9. Wow! This place is as clean as a _____! They must have worked all day! This place was so filthy just this morning.
  10. I like it, but it’s a bit too plain. Add some color, and jazz it _____ a little.


After you check your work, you can answer the following questions to practice using the idioms. Grab a friend and ask each other!
  1. Do you like to make detailed plans when you go on vacation or do you prefer to play it by ear?
  2. Are you as fit as a fiddle? What do you do to stay in shape?
  3. What was the latest news that you heard that was music to your ears?
  4. When was the last time you tooted your own horn?
  5. Do you keep your place as clean as a whistle or do you tend to be messy?
  6. Do you sometimes sound like a broken record?

1. LIKE A BROKEN RECORD - saying something over and over/ again and again.
2. TOOT YOUR OWN HORN - when you say good things about yourself.
3. IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO - It takes two people to complete a relationship or to get things done.
4. FIT AS A FIDDLE - very healthy/physically fit
5. MUSIC TO MY EARS - when you hear some good news
6. IT DOESN'T RING A BELL - It doesn't remind you of anything.
7. MARCHING TO THE BEAT OF YOUR OWN DRUM - being different from most people
8. PLAY IT BY EAR - not plan anything; decide as you go
9. CLEAN AS A WHISTLE - very clean
10. JAZZ IT UP - make small changes/add things to make it better

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