Thursday, August 4, 2016

NYLC Students Win 2016 NYS TESOL Contest!

We are proud to announce that two submissions from our NYLC students have won the New York State TESOL Student Project competition!

The 11th Annual NYS TESOL contest invited English learners in schools and universities all across New York State to write an essay or create a video on the topic of "Collaboration." One of the winning entries is an essay written by Ekaterina Puzankova from NYLC Jackson Heights.

The other winning entry is the following video put together by a group of students at NYLC Midtown.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who participated! We are proud of you all!

This award-winning video was created by our Advanced 1 students. Emily Clymer, their teacher, was glad to hear the news as she said the students worked so hard putting the video together, planning, practicing, and filming. A couple of students in fact expressed how satisfying it was to have gone through the whole experience of working with their classmates to achieve the same goal.

Shoji and Juan David are the only ones still at school as their classmates have gone back to their countries. They said the whole experience was challenging but a lot of fun. The project gave them a chance to show their creativity as they had to make their story seem as realistic as possible while filming only in school.

Congratulations, Advanced 1 students! To read Ekaterina Puzankova's winning essay please visit this post.  

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