Friday, July 21, 2017

How well do you know New York City acronyms?

Have you checked out DUMBO in Brooklyn? It's an area by the East River with its share of trendy restaurants, cafes and pastry shops, quaint boutiques, and family-friendly outdoor spaces with art installations and fantastic views of downtown Manhattan. 

One of the themes of our Friday Workshops is New York City, when students talk and learn more about the town they are currently spending some time in. There's always something new to learn from teachers who were either born and raised in the area or have lived here for many years.

If you live in the Big Apple or have visited in the past, you've probably heard or seen the following acronyms around town. How familiar are you with these?

Gather your friends, classmates, colleagues, buddies, roomies, everyone around you and see if you all know what the following names and (one) expression stand for.

MTA                       BYOB                          LIRR  

            BQE                                 LES          

TriBeCa                       SoHo                      Dumbo

NYPD                 FDNY

How well did you and your friends do? If you didn't get all of them, scroll down for the complete name and expression below.

MTA - Metropolitan Transportation Authority (This is the organization who runs and maintains the city's trains and buses.) 
BYOB - Bring Your Own Beer/Beverage/Bottle (Some restaurants who have not gotten their liquor license allow their customers to buy their drinks at a nearby shop and bring them to their tables. Also, some parties provide the food and guests are asked to bring their own beverages.)
LIRR - Long Island Railroad. (A commuter rail system that is a division of the MTA and provides train service between New York City and towns in Long Island, New York.)
BQE - Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (The main highway connecting Brooklyn and Queens.)
LES - Lower East Side (A historic Manhattan neighborhood just south of the East Village.)
TriBeCa - Triangle Below Canal (A downtown neighborhood in the west side of Manhattan.)
SoHo - South of Houston (Another Lower Manhattan Neighborhood known for its art galleries and trendy boutiques located just south of Houston Street, a major thoroughfare.)
Dumbo - Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass (A neighborhood in Brooklyn in an area surrounding the Manhattan Bridge)
NYPD - New York Police Department (We call them New York City's finest.)
FDNY - Fire Department of New York (We call them New York City's bravest.)

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