Friday, November 20, 2015

Idioms tied to nature & the environment

The theme for this Friday's LAB is Nature & the Environment. Here are some #idioms to get you in the mood to talk about these topics!

  • She always eats out and only cooks once in a blue moon.
FEELING UNDER THE WEATHER  (not feeling well)
  • Maria decided to stay home today as she's feeling under the weather.
EVERY CLOUD HAS A SILVER LINING  (every problem has a solution)
TAKE HEART  (don't worry)
  • Take heart, Tom, every cloud has a silver lining
SECOND NATURE  (something that comes easy to someone)
  • She's an excellent public speaker. Talking to crowds is second nature to her. 
HAVE YOUR HEAD IN THE CLOUDS  (dreaming; thinking unrealistically)
  • Bill wants to be a musician, but his parents think he just has his head in the clouds
WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS  (bad things draw more bad things)
  • First, I overslept, then I missed my train, then I got fired when I got to work! What can I say; when it rains, it pours.

Practice these expressions, and share other #idioms you learn in this week's Friday Lab! Remember to use #ilovenylc on Facebook and on Twitter!

Take care!

Joe Yu, English language instructor

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