Monday, August 17, 2015

Did you SLEEP LIKE A LOG last night?

How well you sleep can be a major issue when you're in school. You need to be wide awake in class in order to get the most out of your lessons, and if you toss and turn in bed, you might be too pooped to concentrate the next day. Unfortunately, we don't always get to hit the sack at a decent hour for whatever reason, and some of us are just night owls and prefer to be awake late at night than in the morning. In any case, you still need to get up early however late you turn in. If you oversleep, you'll be late for class. So, set the alarm, and hit the sack at a decent hour, so you'll be wide awake in class and eager to learn. 
Not sure what the bolded vocabulary and idioms above mean? Just scroll down a little; you'll find their definitions just below. Now that you know them, remember to use them in conversation.
Good luck! :-)

Also ...

  • GET TO - able to
  • A DECENT HOUR - a good hour; a proper time
  • FOR WHATEVER REASON - The speaker doesn't know what the reason is; there are many reasons.
  • HOWEVER late you TURN IN - It doesn't matter how late you go to bed.

-- Joe Yu, English-language instructor

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