Friday, July 31, 2015

Gorkem studies and puts his English to work at NYLC

Ismail Gorkem Yildiz on top of the Empire State Building during an NYLC student activity.

Ismail Gorkem Yildiz began his English program at New York Language Center four months ago. Ismail, more commonly known as Gorkem at NYLC, is originally from Istanbul, Turkey and has a Master's in Marketing.  His goal is to take English classes for one year as a better mastery and fluency of the language will help him achieve his dream of getting a position in Marketing Communications when he returns to Turkey.

Gorkem has proven to be an enterprising student. In addition to his Monday - Friday English classes, he wanted to practice outside of the classroom, so he sought out an internship position at NYLC and is now helping our school expand its marketing, communication and social media content. 

We recently sat down with Gorkem to talk about his experiences here in New York City and specifically at New York Language Center.

At Yankee Stadium
You are an intern at NYLC; tell me what some of your responsibilities are as an intern?

Currently I am working as a coordinator on a new promotional video with NYLC's Head of Marketing. I have also sort of become a Turkish ambassador; I ensure all students are aware of events and fun activities going on in the school and city.

I help with Social Media Marketing, mostly how to expand in the Turkish English market. I research different Turkish agencies that we can possibly promote to.

Tell me about your decision to come to New York to study English.

I worked in sales for one of Turkey’s biggest energy company “EnerjiSA- Sabanci Co.” and I wanted to switch to Marketing within the company, but my level of English limited me. I decided to quit my job and focus on improving my English to be able to succeed in the Marketing Communications area.

Gorkem with Turkey's National Volleyball player twins
Gozde Kirdar Sonsirma and Ozge Kirdar Cemberci

Why did you choose NYLC?

I did some research. I asked around, I personally Facebook and Linkedin messaged Turkish students who are currently studying here to ask them about their experience in this school thus far. I also like the fact that the school is CEA certified.

How long will you study at NYLC?

1 year.

A pizza party in class.

You have been here for four months; tell me a little bit about your experience in New York thus far.

So far so good.  I have been to baseball games, NBA games, Central Park, and have visited many cool places in Brooklyn.  Also, I have met lots of famous people in the school as well as walking around in the city.

After you complete your one year of English classes here at NYLC what will be your next step?

I am hoping to take TOEFL or IELTS classes and get a high score on the TOEFL or IELTS exam. Also I am looking to possibly take a Marketing Certification class as well as travel the entire United States before I go back to Turkey.

We appreciate Gorkem's help with promoting NYLC, and we wish him the success in his personal and professional goals.

Aboard the Staten Island Ferry.
Written by Dafny Guzman

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  1. It is a pleasure having you at our school, Gorkem. I appreciate your entrepreneurial spirit and I know you will succeed in your future endeavors.