Monday, June 8, 2015

Two outstanding students with two excellent essays


Aisse Sow and Jesus De Luna were two of our top students in the TOEFL Preparation Course recently at New York Language Center. Both have accomplished their goals in class; they've learned how to take the test and are ready to move on to the next step in the college application process.

For Aisse, who is from the Netherlands and who is spending her gap year traveling, college may be back in Amsterdam, where she will then finish her undergraduate studies before applying to graduate school in the U.S., or she may decide to apply to an undergraduate program in the States, in which case she will seriously consider applying to Harvard or Stanford. Being challenged is important to Aisse, who is considering a double major in psychology and social work.

In her free time, Aisse enjoys singing and playing the piano and was thrilled to find out her dormitory in New York had piano rooms where she can practice. She is now off to California to see more of the U.S. and to check out more college campuses. We wish her the best.

Jesus moved to the New York City area after finishing high school in the Dominican Republic. He is now preparing to apply to a university in the U.S. and has been studying for the SAT and the TOEFL. He intends to major in either or both environmental science and film studies and is considering moving to another state to experience life in the U.S. outside New York. Having family in the area and having visited them several times growing up, he is already familiar with the life here.

He is eager to make friends with native speakers and strike up conversations whenever he finds the chance. Jesus is always looking for ways to hone his language skills and improve his mastery of English. We also wish him the best.

Both Aisse and Jesus agreed to share one of their TOEFL essays for our Student Writing Blog. Thanks, you two! Click their names to read their essays and find out who they think are able to enjoy life more--the young or the old--and why.

-- written by Joe Yu, ESL instructor

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