Saturday, May 16, 2015

PSAs in the NYLC classroom

This is just one of several PSAs you'll find on NYC subway trains these days. They are messages from the MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) to get riders to behave and respect fellow passengers. Have you seen these ads? Do you think they are effective? 

PSA stands for Public Service Announcement. These are advertisements that are meant to educate or give useful information to the public. Good ones make you take notice and are effective in making you think and act differently.

PSAs are found everywhere. They are on TV, on train cars and subway stations, on billboards; they are also on the radio, on the Web, in newspapers and magazines and sometimes, in the ESL classroom!

The following PSAs were created by students in Ryan's Lab class. Listen to what some NYLC students think New Yorkers should pay attention to to make life in the city more pleasant.

Watch where you're going!

Hey, man! Your music's too loud!

Stop littering, dude!

That's gross! Ewe!

Quit spitting already!

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  1. These are great examples of integrating authentic material, culture and students having fun.!!!