Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Junior Ngakla, an NYLC Student Success Story

Junior Ngakla

New York Language Center has served as a pathway for English language learners since 1985. Students come from all over the world to study at our schools for many reasons. Some study English with us while spending time in New York City as tourists; others study with us specifically to meet personal goals; still others come to NYLC to advance their college education.

Meet our former student Junior Ngakla, who came to New York City to study English. When he first arrived in NYC, his English was very limited; now Junior is able to converse well in English and has been accepted to DeVry University's MBA program. On Junior's last day at NYLC, I sat down with him and asked a few questions about his journey and his experiences at NYLC.

D: So, tell me where are you from?
Junior:  I am from the Republic of Congo.

D: How long have you been studying at NYLC?
Junior: I have been here since January 12; my last day is today, April 10th, so about four months.

D: How long have you been in NYC?
Junior:  A year and a half.

D: Were you studying English somewhere else before coming to NYLC?
Junior: Yes, I studied at LaGuardia Community College for a year.

D: What made you decide to transfer from LaGuardia to NYLC?
Junior: My brother is studying here; he recommended me to come and try it because we have been studying English for almost the same amount of time but his English comprehension and his speaking was more advanced than mine.

D: Are you happy you transferred? How was your experience studying at NYLC?
Junior: I love the atmosphere in this school. Everyone is really friendly, the teachers and the students. It's a very comfortable environment to study English.

D: Has your English improved since you started studying at NYLC?
Junior: Before I came to NYLC, my speaking was very poor. After two months of being at NYLC, my speaking improved and now I feel comfortable expressing myself in English.

D: Now that you are leaving NYLC what are you doing next now that you are an English speaker?
Junior: I will be continuing my college education at DeVry University.

D: What are you going to study at DeVry?
Junior: I will be studying for my MBA in International Business.

D: Congrats! What will you do after you graduate?
Junior: I will go back to my country and open my own business.

D: Wow! Very nice. I wish you good luck in your future endeavors.
Junior: Thank you very much.

Junior is just one example of NYLC students who go on to pursue their goals and dreams of continuing their education at a university in the U.S. We are honored and glad to be a part of their pathways to success.

-- Dafny Guzman

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