Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sculpting the urban environment

Andree Kim, who is now back in Korea, was one of our student artists at New York Language Center. He also took classes at The Art Students League of New York, which is about twenty blocks north of NYLC Midtown, in the mornings while taking our pre-TOEFL class in the afternoons.

This sculpture, which he created while in New York, was part of an exhibit at the end of his session at the art school. It's made of soft acrylic and held together by instant glue. It represents the movement of the city--buildings go up and traffic moves around in circles.
Andree is fascinated by the urban environment. He enjoys living and being part of cities. He calls the urban jungle "neonature" with its organic changes--as if it were alive and growing--to meet the needs of its inhabitants.

Andree also enjoys checking out bus terminals and says that they are good indicators of what the city is like--its size, its citizens, its cleanliness, et al.

In May, he hopes to return to New York and to NYLC to continue working on his English, prepare for the TOEFL, and apply to a Master's program. He plans to focus on environmental sculpture with either interior or landscape design. We wish him the best!

-- written by Joe Yu, ESL instructor

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