Thursday, March 20, 2014

New York Life by Johnny, a NYLC Student & Intern!

Hi, My name’s Johnny.  I come from China and have been in New York for 6 months. Time flies. I can still remember how disappointed I was 6 months ago when I couldn't find any graduate school  to enroll in because my English wasn't good enough. However, I decided to come to New York anyway. I had already quit my job, and I had no choice but to move on.  I found New York Language Center (NYLC), and contacted them. Soon after I found myself in Manhattan as an English student. However, my goal was still far from me.

    New York is a big city. There are so many buildings, traffic, tourists, businessmen, students, even homeless people. Sometimes I feel very tiny. New York is a diverse city. The people I have seen in New York are from all over the world. Everyone is different, therefore, no one is different. New York is a great city. A lot of people say New York is a place where dreams come true. For me, I will say New York is a place where the people give so much effort into their jobs or work. So New York is a place where impossibles become possible.

    After 6 months, I’m still here in New York as an English student. But I know some things inside myself have changed, I feel confident about my future, and I’m glad I made the right decision to come here. I met so many ambitious people here, they encourage me to work harder and harder on my English, I didn’t waste my last 6 months, I took TOEFL test three times, and the GRE test twice. In the meantime, I am doing an internship at NYLC; working with native English speakers really helps me improve my English. So far, I have applied to seven graduate schools this year. I think I am walking continually toward my goal. I love this city more and more, as this city gives me more and more passion.

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