Monday, January 13, 2014

Tips for Learning English in New York

NYLC Midtown

by Gokay

I have been studying at NYLC for 17 weeks. I think studying at NYLC has some opportunities to improve my English. For instance, during these weeks, I joined lots of school activities and met lots of excellent friends and teachers. In addition to English, I learned Spanish, Japanese and Chinese words from my friends. During these weeks, I think my English has improved because in my first day when I tried to talk with people it was really hard to understand and communicate but now, every thing is more easy and also, I like watching American TV series. When I was in Turkey, I always watched them with Turkish subtitles, but now I can watch some of them without subtitles and with English subtitles. That’s amazing!

All in all, I think only taking courses is not enough to improve English, practice is extremely important, so I think NYLC is a great option to take a course because they have lots of cheerful and wise teachers and helpful advisors and also NYLC has lots of activities outside of school. I like NYLC, and I love NYC!

Gokay is currently in our Academic English Test preparation class. He is practicing his language skills and improving his English proficiency in order to do well on the test in the future.

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