Friday, November 12, 2010

Where to Go: Red Hook, Brooklyn Edition!

Where to Go: Take the water taxi to Red Hook, Brooklyn! They will drop you off right in front of the home-shopping center.

What to Do: Go to IKEA! [1 Beard St
Brooklyn, New York 11231 (718) 246-4532 ] Although it may seem surprising, you could very easily spend an entire day at IKEA and spend VERY LITTLE money. Beyond shopping, you can often catch people fishing on the pier that the water taxi drops you off.

Where to Eat: At IKEA's cafeteria:
Monday: Quarter roasted chicken served with 2 sides and a soda or bottled water for $4.99.
Tuesday: Regular meatball dinner for $2.49 from 4-8:30 pm
Wednesday: Rib night at IKEA! B.B.Q half rack of pork ribs with fries and cornbread for $7.99 (served all day long)
Thursday: Quarter roasted chicken served with mash potatoes and gravy for only $1.99 (no substitutes)
Friday: Dozen B.B.Q. chicken wings with blue cheese dressing for $5.99

1 comment:

  1. Cheap eats:

    50 cent hot dogs... 2 bucks for 2 hot dogs, chips and a bottomless soda.

    at the snack bar near the checkout area.

    and soft serve yogurt cones for a buck.