Friday, September 17, 2010

Elena's English Expression REVEALED!

Last week, Elena wanted to know whether or not you were a "bad egg," and here were some interpretations of the expression;

Pedro VIDAL from SPAIN said : "In Spanish it would be a "black sheep," (literal). Regards from Spain!"
Thanks for you guess Pedro! The meaning is not quite the same in English, but thank you for teaching us something about Spanish culture.

Aykut ERYILMAZ from TURKEY said: A person who is bad, dishonest or unreliable...
eg. He is really a bad egg who had served several years in prison.
Great job Aykut! That is a great example of a "bad egg"!

Now here is Elena's answer:
A bad egg = somebody who cannot be trusted
Check back to see if YOU can guess Elena's next expression!

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