Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What per cent of international students do you have, roughly? (Biggest nationalities?)

New York Language Center is committed to bringing a diverse student body to our classrooms, which enhances student life, exposing learners to a variety of cultures and encourages them to speak English as much as possible.  Our largest nationalities are Brazilian, South American  and students from Japan .

2. What makes New York such a great place for foreign learners?

New York's wide range of cultural and entertainment options are a huge draw to foreign learners. There is never a shortage of things to do at any budget, and students get to be part of a vibrant metropolis that feels both international and American at the same time. Because the city is used to visitors, students are able to quickly feel at home as temporary New Yorkers and easily immerse themselves in the culture and the language. 

3. What does your school offer international students?
(tailored programmes, extra support etc)

New York Language Center has 4 locations throughout New York City and offers English-language instruction from Beginner to Post-Advanced, including TOEFL Preparation and Business English. Interested learners can also sign-up for private lessons for more individualized attention. Students can also participate in free classes and workshops, as well as teacher-led activities around the city, which allow students to interact with each other while visiting famous landmarks, watching a baseball game, or touring an historic neighborhood. 

4. Do you have any interesting facts you could share about the city?

While most visitors still think of Manhattan when they think of New York, the city is actually composed of five boroughs. The outer boroughs--Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx--provide more affordable options for housing and are easily accessible by public transportation.

5. Can you give me 3-5 things to do (landmarks or attractions to visit/local festivals to see for example) in New York. (Please give a small explanation for your choices)

Brooklyn Bridge -- Walking across this iconic landmark is one of our popular student activities. The views are spectacular, so photo/selfie opportunities are endless. Students usually enjoy having  ice cream or New York style pizza on the Brooklyn side.

High Line - Visiting this elevated park on the West Side of Manhattan is not only the perfect activity on a beautiful day, it's also a lesson in history as you walk down what used to be railroad tracks where trains brought goods into the city. Now, it's a cool place to hangout just above some trendy Manhattan neighborhoods. 

Outdoor summer concerts and film screening events around the city give students plenty of chances to enjoy New York in the open air while spending time where locals hang out. A schedule of activities is easy to find in newspapers and magazines, and New York Language Center Student Services often share these events with students. 

6. Where do you suggest students eat in New York? (neighbourhoods, borough, specific restaurants, what is tasty, what is cheap, where can they find authentic American/New York cuisine)? 
New York has a wide array of food choices from fancy restaurants run by celebrity chefs to mom-and-pop establishments with unique specialties to gourmet food trucks that have become all the rage around town. In addition, with the city's ethnic neighborhoods from Greek in Astoria, Indian in Jackson Heights, Russian in Brighton Beach, to Chinese in Flushing, the opportunities to try something new and exciting are endless. 

7. Do you have any useful tips regarding visa applications, accommodation or traveling around the city?

New York Language Center offers housing services, and students can choose between apartments or homestays. 

New York City has an extensive public transportation system that runs 24 hours nonstop and makes traveling around the city easy and convenient any time of the day. With a Metrocard, students have access to the city's subway trains and buses. In addition, there are commuter trains to outlying areas that are perfect for weekend getaways when visitors want a break from the urban jungle.


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  2. Thanks for the suggestions and tips. New York City is a great place to study English. It's one of the most multicultural cities I have visited and NYLC is the perfect place to meet interesting people from around the world. I rated it highly in an article I wrote about the Best Language Schools in NYC I recommend it to students who want to master English and have fun in the Big Apple.

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