Friday, February 17, 2017

It's a piece of cake! ... & other idioms

Fill in the blanks with the words below to complete the idioms with food vocabulary in them. After trying this exercise, scroll down to check your answers. No cheating!

CAKE                BACON               BEANS           CUCUMBER
TEA                  BUNS                 JOE                  BREAD

  1. Alicia's husband is a stay-at-home dad, so she's the one who brings home the ________.
  2. In the morning, he gets the kids ready for school and makes Alicia a cup of ________.
  3. They just started a small company together, but right now, Alicia's job is their main ________ and butter.
  4. Everyone around her loves to go bowling. However, Alicia goes bowling only if her friends drag her to the bowling alley. It's just not her cup of ________.
  5. When she does go bowling, she always hits a strike. She thinks it's a piece of ________ and not so challenging.
  6. Her job is so stressful, and her colleagues admire her ability to stay as cool as a ________ all day every day. 
  7. She has a short commute to work, but she has to catch the bus. She hates freezing her ________ off in the winter.
  8. Alicia rarely gets upset, but she became so furious one day when she learned her husband found out about the surprise birthday party she was arranging for him. Someone spilled the ________! 


Scroll down or click "READ MORE" to check your answers and practice these food idioms with the following questions.

  1. Have you ever spilled the beans on a secret and got someone upset at you?
  2. Are you good at staying as cool as a cucumber even when things are hectic?
  3. What is your main bread and butter these days?
  4. How many cups of joe do you have each day? ... or are you a tea drinker?
  5. Who brings home the bacon in your family?
  6. Is partying on a Friday night your cup of tea or do you prefer to spend it quietly at home?
  7. Do you think learning English is a piece of cake?
  8. Do you like the cold weather or do you hate freezing your buns off?

ANSWERS: 1. BRING HOME THE BACON (earn money for the family)   2 A CUP OF JOE (a cup of coffee)   3. BREAD AND BUTTER (source of income; job)   4. (NOT) YOUR CUP OF TEA ((not) your interest)   5. A PIECE OF CAKE (easy)    6. COOL AS A CUCUMBER (calm; not stressed)   7. FREEZE YOUR BUNS OFF (freeze; be very cold)   8. SPILL THE BEANS (tell a secret)

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