Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Emma about to BINGE-WATCH a whole season of "Mad Men"!

To BINGE is to endulge in something. This means to eat, use, or do a lot of something that you enjoy. People BINGE-EAT when they are starving and there's a lot of food; you might BINGE ON chocolate cake or potato chips or candy when you love to eat these and the food is in front of you. Unfortunately, a stomach ache usually follows. BINGE-DRINKING can be a problem on college campuses. Some college students think BINGING ON alcohol is a lot of fun.

These days, a lot of people BINGE-WATCH their favorite shows. If you want to watch episode after episode of "House of Cards" or "The Walking Dead" or "Blindspot," you might spend a whole weekend watching only that show so you don't miss anything and you get caught up on the storyline. Most people do this because they don't have time to follow the show once a week or because they missed a couple of episodes or because friends have told them how awesome a show is and they want to check it out, themselves. Once they find out they like it, they BINGE-WATCH!

Some people also BINGE-WATCH old shows that have gone off the air. They might BINGE-WATCH Seinfeld or Friends or ER!

So, what about you? Do you BINGE-WATCH? Which shows do you endulge in? Let us know and fill out our quick, fun survey!

-- Joe Yu, English language instructor

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