Sunday, February 7, 2016

Making it somewhere

New York Language Center students MAKE IT to class on time, so they don't miss anything important.
MAKING IT somewhere is an idiomatic expression that means arriving somewhere (to a place or event). In this usage, the phrase "MAKING IT" has nothing to do with creating anything; it only has to do with movement. If your friend asks you, "Did you MAKE IT to your meeting on time?", you can say, "Yes, I thought I was going to be late, but I MADE IT on time."

Here are some more examples.
  1. I didn't MAKE IT to the gym yesterday. I had to finish a project at work.
  2. I'm sorry I can't MAKE IT to your party this weekend. I'm going out of town.
  3. Peter didn't think he'd MAKE IT to the interview on time. Luckily, traffic was light on the way there, and he did!
  4. He needs to MAKE IT to work extra early tomorrow; it's going to be a busy day.
  5. We wanted to MAKE IT to the museum before it closed, and we did!

For more examples, here's a short dialog among three people. 

A: Did you MAKE IT to class on time today?
B: Yes, I did. I MADE IT here on time.
C: No, I didn't. I didn't MAKE IT on time. I overslept.

This expression can also mean succeed or reach your goals and dreams. You're probably familiar with the song "New York, New York," where there's a line that goes "If I can MAKE IT there; I'll MAKE IT anywhere. It's up to you, New York, New York." There are plenty of aspiring actors, singers, and all kinds of talented people who move to New York City to MAKE IT in the Big Apple. They are here to chase their dreams. Perhaps, you're one of them. If you are, we wish you the best of luck!

That's it, folks! I hope you MAKE IT to your classes and all your appointments on time this year, and if you are here to MAKE IT big, we hope you accomplish your goals! Share your thoughts on social media with #EnglishatNYLC & #ilovenylc

Take care!

Joe Yu, English-language instructor

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