Sunday, September 6, 2015

Idioms on labor for Labor Day!

A lot of New Yorkers spend Labor Day outdoors. How are you spending your day off? Are you staying in town or going out of town?

This Monday is Labor Day, when we take a day off from work to celebrate the work that we all do to keep the country moving.

Labor Day is also the unofficial end of summer, so most Americans spend this holiday outdoors, enjoying a barbecue or a get-together at a friend's backyard or at the park. In addition, public pools and beaches in New York City will be closed after this weekend, so a lot of people will be taking a dip and getting some sun for the last time before the cold weather comes.

  • TAKE A DIP - get into the water  

As Labor Day celebrates work and the country's workforce, we thought we'd teach you English expressions that are commonly used at work. So, check out these idioms and vocabulary that you can say and hear on the job.
  • WORKFORCE - citizens who work
CALL IT A DAY  - It's time to stop working
  • Everyone's exhausted. Let's call it a day.
WRAP IT UP - Finish a project
  • Let's wrap it up soon, so we can be home in time for dinner.
It's UNDERWAY - The work has started.
  • The project is now underway and is scheduled to finish in one month.
PULL YOUR OWN WEIGHT - do your part
  • If you don't pull your own weight, we won't finish the job quickly.
PICK UP THE SLACK - do the work that's not being done
  • Bill's out today, and Bob is not really working hard, so the rest of us will have to pick up a lot of slack.
LET'S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD. - Let's get this work started.
  • It looks like everyone's ready to begin. Ok, let's get this show on the road
KEEP someone OUT OF/IN THE LOOP - keep someone informed of the latest
  • We kept Tom out of the loop while he was working on the huge project, so he can concentrate.
BRING someone UP TO SPEED - inform someone of what he or she has missed
  • We'll have to bring Sam up to speed when he comes back from vacation.

We hope you get to use these idioms soon and often! Have a fun, relaxing, & safe Labor Day, everyone!

- Joe Yu, ESL instructor