Friday, July 3, 2015

Have a blast this Fourth of July weekend!

What ARE you UP TO this Fourth of July?
(What are you doing this Fourth of July?)

Americans love celebrating this holiday. Not only is it patriotic, it is also a fun-filled, summertime holiday with tons of options for outdoor activities!

These are some of the things we do on July 4:
1. We have get-togethers!
A get-together is another way to say a party with friends.

2. We have barbecues!
Barbecues can be in someone's backyard, at the park, or at the beach!

3. We go on a picnic!
We pack a picnic basket with munchies & summer dishes. We then head to the park or the beach, lay our blanket on the sand or the grass, and enjoy our food!
  • MUNCHIES - chips, crackers, & other finger foods

4. We watch a parade!
This is a huge deal in American towns, where marching bands, high school cheerleading squads, and local organizations march down Main Street, and everyone waves small versions of the stars and stripes (the U.S. flag).

5. We watch a concert!
In addition to parades, towns around the U.S. also hold concerts featuring plenty of patriotic music & American folk songs.   

6. We watch fireworks!
The Fourth of July is the day in the U.S. to watch fireworks, and it is held everywhere in cities and towns, large and small! Fireworks usually start shortly after the sun sets around 9 p.m.

7. We have a blast!
(We have tons of fun!)

We hope you have a blast, yourself, this Fourth of July. Have fun outdoors; enjoy the fireworks; be safe, and have a great time! 
-- Joe Yu, ESL instructor  

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