Sunday, February 1, 2015

Useful WINTER vocabulary

Snow day on the corner of Broadway and 37th Street, near NYLC in Midtown Manhattan
It's the beginning of February, and it definitely feels like the middle of winter here in New York City. The temperatures have DIPPED well below the freezing point and the weather has brought us a couple of snowstorms, especially in just the last week.
  • DIP - go, reach down

One snowstorm, in fact, was thought to be so HUMONGOUS that the city decided to shut down MASS TRANSIT as everyone prepared for the worst. Luckily, the city was SPARED the BRUNT of the storm and was able to get things back to normal sooner than expected. A DECENT 8 inches or so BLANKETED most of NYC, but most of the snow and damaging winds hit Boston, parts of Long Island, and other areas north of us. 
  • HUMONGOUS - huge; enormous
  • MASS TRANSIT - subway, buses, commuter rail
  • SPARED - saved or kept from experiencing
  • BRUNT - main, strongest force
  • DECENT - a good, significant amount
  • BLANKET - to cover

As we continue to BRACE ourselves for more FRIGID wintry weather, we thought this is a good time to BRUSH UP on some useful vocabulary for this time of year.
  • BRACE - get ready; hold on to something
  • FRIGID - freezing; bitter cold
  • BRUSH UP - review

Take a look at the list below and try to use them several times this winter season.
  • FRIGID - very cold with temperatures well below freezing 
  • BELOW ZERO - temperatures with negative readings
  • IN THE TWENTIES - 21 to 29 degree temperatures
  • IN THE TEENS - 11 - 19 degree temperatures
  • IN THE SINGLE DIGITS - 1 - 9 degree temperatures
  • BLUSTERY - windy 
  • BRUTAL - rough weather; usually when is very cold and windy
  • BUNDLE UP! - dress warmly!

Do you know any other words and expressions used when the weather is very cold? Share your favorites below! You can also share your photos of the snow and tag them #ilovenylc on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Have a nice, cozy, safe winter, everyone!

-- Joe Yu, ESL instructor


  1. Can't wait to read Joe's post about springtime. Wish it were already here!

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