Friday, February 13, 2015

Student Poems, Short Essays, & Drawings

Seiko writes about her hipster after spending some time in Williamsburg observing one.

If you head over to the Brooklyn Art Library in Williamsburg, you should search for a sketchbook titled "My Hipster." Once you locate the book, open it, and you'll find short essays, poems, drawings and photos of different kinds of Williamsburg hipsters as observed by NYLC students from a Post-Advanced Reading and Writing class. The course was taught by EJ Sepp, who had heard about the Sketchbook Project from a former student and incorporated it into his class as part of his students' experience learning about this artistic neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Here's another page from the booklet.

 ... and this is the cover.

-- Joe Yu, ESL instructor

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  1. If anyone wants to check the book out, it's at
    The Brooklyn Art Library
    103A North 3rd St.
    Brooklyn, NY 11249

    1. “My Hipster” - #S152373
    Project: The Sketchbook Project 2015