Saturday, May 10, 2014

Our best Mother's Day gifts ever!

Happy Mother's Day to all our NYLC moms!

It's almost Mother's Day, so you've probably bought or made your present for mom and have it ready to go come tomorrow morning, right? Well, if for some reason you haven't, we can help you with some ideas. We conducted a quick survey of the best Mother's Day presents faculty, staff, and students at NYLC have given their moms or have received as moms, themselves.

There are some really interesting ideas below that might get you thinking--if not for this year, then for a future Mother's Day. Check out the list, and let us know if you're giving something similar tomorrow or will keep one or two ideas in mind for the future. Enjoy!

From faculty and staff:
  • Vanessa gave her mom an iPad Mini one year. Nice! Can we be your mom, Vanessa? :-)
  • Taylor usually makes original art for her mom, who is an artist and prefers presents that are original, personal, and handmade.
  • Necdet gave her mom an expensive bag. 
  • Chan gave her mom flowers. 
  • Robert's best gift and one he prefers to give is money. Very practical! We like it. 
  • Russell gave his mom a Coach bag and a discount coupon for a cruise. 
  • Adam gave his mom a painting that was specially made.
  • Cassandra gave her mom a vacation. Awesome. 
  • Sanghamitra's best gift that she's ever given or received was unconditional love. (Awww.)
  • Roberto III gave his mom a telescope one year. Very interesting!
  • Bruce gave his mom a day at a spa.
  • Yesenia surprised her mom one year by traveling to the Dominican Republic so they can spend Mother's Day together. 

Some students also chimed in:
  • Iris gave her mom a Swarovski ring. Ooh la la!
  • Brigitte gave her mom a Michael Kors bag.
  • Emine once had a tattoo made with her mom's name on it to show her eternal love for her mom. 
  • Hiroko gave her mom flowers.
  • Hilda gave her mom a necklace.
  • Dioukouna also gave her mom a necklace.
  • Rocio gave her mom flowers.
  • Majed gave his mom a watch one year.
  • Alessandra gave her mom flowers.

What about you? What's the best gift you've ever given your mom on Mother's Day or have received as a mom, yourself? Let us know below, on the NYLC page on Facebook, or on Twitter @NYLangCenter.

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