Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Two birthday surprises in one week!

Greg with his surprise birthday cake with, uh, 21 candles on it.

We caught a couple of birthday surprises at school last week. Greg walked into his 9 a.m. class and was greeted with a yummy chocolate cake, some party hats and a "Happy Birthday" sign on the board. He said he had no idea the students had been planning it. Kudos to his class for catching him completely by surprise. Nice job, students!

A surprise for, uh, King Robert III on his birthday.

Earlier in the week, Robert III also got a surprise cake, a humongous card, some gifts, and a crown! Nice! :-)

A cake and some gifts for Robert III

The gargantuan card for Robert III. 
Greg blowing his surprise birthday candles
Party hats to greet the birthday celebrant

A quick photo: Greg's Basic Dictations class 

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