Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A huge thanks from Antonio

Hi again!=)

How are you, guys? I'm here today to write a thank-you message for all the staff of New York Language Center. Well, I am leaving next week and I am really happy to have chosen this school for my English improvement. Certainly, the school made this trip unforgettable, with all the activities and fun teachers, always willing to help the students. I really felt that it was my home here! Thanks, New York Language Center for providing this amazing learning experience.

Cassandra: I remember when I got here in the beginning; I was struggling to find a house with a reasonable price, and you stepped up for me. In addition to that, you were the one who gave me tips for the best places in New York, offered me tickets and discounts to a lot of activities. So if you are trying to find a house always look for Cassandra. If you want suggestions for good places in New York, look for her, as well. She is always willing to help despite being a busy person. Any creative ideas, she is the one to talk to; she loves crazy videos, sorry K, but I just realized that. =P

Jessica (Business Class): What should I say about this amazing teacher? Her classes are so fun. One of the reasons is because she always makes you participate, phrasal verb games, discussions in groups, always with trendy topics and listening activities. Jessie is definitely one of the best teachers here; she is open-minded, therefore the students feel really comfortable in her class.

Jonathan (American Ways & Reading the news): I really like his classes, because his English pronunciation is amazing, so for me it's more like a listening class. Since all the classes that I had with Jonathan was an 1-hour-class, it was really enjoyable for me just listening to him talk, I sharpened my pronunciation with his classes. Moreover, he is a really intelligent teacher, he knows a lot about American culture and history.

Joe (Reading & Writting): A really, really good teacher. Here is the reason why: he really knows how to work on your grammar, with a lot of effective exercises, that you can simultaneously learn new words and how to sophisticate your sentences. I really like the way that Joe asks questions to the students. Joe always asks for a writing homework, and then corrects it, so we can see what is our mistakes. I learned a lot with him; he is a smart teacher, and really knows how to make you understand new words.

Skyler ( American Ways- Part II) - Definitely the most funny teacher ever! He is always singing alone, putting music, with a good charisma. He definitely prefers to listen than speak. He will always give you the opportunity in class to speak, asking questions, and making jokes. I like his sarcasm about the politics of the United States and the curiosities that he brings to the class. He is a really versatile teacher.

Cary (Business English Part II) - Cary and I have a lot of things in common. He has just gotten back from Brazil and told me a lot of great experiences. His class is interesting; he is always trying to innovate, with some games, like general knowledge, the hot chair game, and so on. I really had a great time; he makes some jokes sometimes, and he really cares about the students.

Cary and I

Thank you, Antonio! This is very kind of you! We are very glad you had such a fun and productive learning experience here at NYLC. Please come again! :-)

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  1. We loved having you here as a student. You were a wonderful intern. Best regards,