Friday, December 27, 2013

Indian food & ice skating with Antonio

Hi guys!

This is Antonio writing again. I am back to tell you my experiences in two wonderful activities that I had with New York Language Center.

The first one was a trip to the Indian food culture: located in one of the best places in Jackson Heights, the restaurant is really comfortable; in addition to that, it was an all-you-can-eat restaurant, with a self-service system. When I entered the place, I thought I was in India. One of the reasons is because the restaurant put a really good smell in the air, with fascinating decorations; besides, the Indian regional music added a peaceful environment to that place. While I was getting my food, I realized that Indian food has a big variety.

I got salad, noodles, and chicken curry for myself, but the best food of the lunch was definitely the nan (an Indian mix of bread and pizza) that was on the table, really soft and crunchy, with a light taste. The water in this restaurant was for free. In the end, I found it a great experience; I ate a lot, and it was less than $15, so the place was really worth it.

The one and only nan bread
Ready to lunch!
New York Language center students and teacher=)

The second activity, was the Ice Skating at Bryant Park! Well guys, I can tell you that it was really fun because it was outside, with a big Christmas tree and with good weather, something that I have never seen in my country. When I got there, I didn't try to join the activity because I knew I was going to fall, so I just stood there and took a lot of pictures. The place was really like a movie scene. You can stay there until 8 p.m., for only $15 a day. So what are you waiting for? Come on and try this amazing experience in the winter of New York City!

Isn`t that cute?=P

Hey teacher, watch out! Do not fall! See the big Christmas tree in the back?=)

They are so happy in this picture that I have to post it!

Antonio is in our academic level classes and currently taking Business English. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Antonio! :-)

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