Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday favorites!

Adriane loves the smell of pine trees, & Gustavo is looking forward to vacation in Puerto Rico!

We went around school asking students, faculty, and staff what they enjoyed most about the holidays. Here are their answers. If we didn't get to ask you, please share your answer in the comments below, on NYLC's page on Facebook or @NYLangCenter on Twitter with the tag #ilovenylc. Happy holidays, everyone!

What do you enjoy most about the holidays?

  • Jim, marketing director, looks forward to ice skating in Central Park.
  • Robert, manager at Midtown, enjoys the decorating.
  • Sanghamitra, a student advisor, looks forward to shopping.
  • Cassandra, manager of student activities & social media, looks forward to all the excitement!
    Taylor likes to reflect.

  • Karina, in-charge of international marketing, loves the sales at department stores.
  • Gokay, student and marketing intern, enjoys watching TV series.
  • Vanessa, a front-desk representative, enjoys spending time with family.
  • Gina, a front-desk representative, enjoys time with family and remembers Jesus's birth.
  • Yesenia, a student advisor, loves the food, the holiday spirit, and the overall spirit of joy.
  • Necdet, a student advisor, enjoys family and friends coming together.
  • Taylor, a coordinator and director of studies, likes reflecting on the year as it ends and looking forward to the new year to come.

Both Alex & Jian like the holiday food!
... & the drinks.
Jisel likes being with family & Adriane
likes the lights & decorations.

  • Luca, in our academic courses, likes the shopping and basketball at MSG.
  • EJ, a teacher, loves the food and family get-togethers. 
  • Jian, in our academic classes, loves the holiday food.
  • Alex, in our academic classes, also loves the food and the drinks.
  • Antonio, in our academic courses, likes the lights and decorations.
    Yesenia loves the holiday spirit.
  • Skyler, a teacher, looks forward to seeing his family.
  • James, a teacher, likes the special food and holiday customs.
  • Yurie, in the pre-TOEFL class, enjoys the customs in New York and in the U.S.
  • Yin, in the pre-TOEFL class, likes looking at the beautiful decorations everywhere.
  • MinSun, in the pre-TOEFL class, looks forward to spending time with friends.
  • Naoko, in the pre-TOEFL class, also likes the beautiful holiday decorations.
  • Iris, in the pre-TOEFL class, enjoys spending time with family.
  • Michkett, in the pre-TOEFL class, likes relaxing at home.
  • Meriem in the pre-TOEFL class, likes chilling and spending time with friends.
  • Jisel, a front-desk staff, looks forward to being with family.
  • Gloria, an administrator, looks forward to family, food, and music.
    The pre-TOEFL class loves spending
    time with family & friends, the food,
    decorations, & relaxing.
  • Adriane, a teacher and coordinator, loves the lights, the decorations, and the smell of pine trees.
  • Gustavo, a teacher, is looking forward to family, drinks, and vacation to Puerto Rico this year!

What about you? What do you enjoy about the holidays? Chime in below, on Facebook or on Twitter with the tag #ilovenylc. Post your pictures! :-)

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