Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dilek's big dreams in NYC

Dilek Kazak has advanced from the intermediate to academic levels & closer to her goals.

Dilek Kazak came to New York City from Istanbul almost a year ago with huge ambitions for her career. After receiving her law degree in Turkey, acquiring her Turkish law license and finishing an internship at a law firm in her home city, she was determined to study U.S. law, sit for the New York State bar exam, and get her American lawyer's license. When she reaches her goal, she will return home better equipped to advance in the direction she wants to go professionally. 

"I want to be the best lawyer in Turkey," she explains. 

Being the best means having the wherewithal to work internationally. She envisions herself traveling to the U.S. to work with clients. As a corporate lawyer, she may have to help multinational companies defend and carry out their business interests abroad, so some expertise in foreign law is crucial. First though, she has to improve her English proficiency, and we're glad she chose NYLC to get that ball rolling. 

"I feel at home here," she says. "I know everyone, and everyone always makes me feel comfortable.''

She also likes the NYLC curriculum. Having moved up from the intermediate and advanced levels, Dilek is now in our academic courses, building her academic vocabulary, as well as working on using the grammar she has learned and making it a natural part of her English. She has also begun TOEFL preparation, which will enable her to apply to a Master's in law program and eventually receive her LLM, Master's in law.

Dilek started learning English in the fourth grade; she says she enjoys speaking English partly because she loves watching movies and also because it's such an international language. Listening and speaking are the easy skills for her to master, while grammar and preparing for the TOEFL are the toughest challenges so far. With hard work, however, we believe she'll attain the TOEFL score she needs to move on to the next step in her journey to reach her goals.

written by Joe Yu, ESL instructor

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