Friday, November 8, 2013

A Turkish Student's First NBA Basketball Game!

By Gokay

This week I was thrilled because I had plans to join the NBA game. It was a match  between Brooklyn Nets and Utah Jazz. When I was in my country, if I wanted to watch the NBA game, I always had to wait until after midnight, but this time, it was a great opportunity for me to be able to watch the match as a spactator. When I went to the Barclays Center, I was astonished because basketball hall was extreamly huge and crowded. 
Also, the demostrations show at the begınnıng and the break were very exciting. Now, if someone asks me what was the best experıence I had when I went to the USA, of course, I will say the NBA game!  The NBA game was between Brookyln Nets and Utah Jazz and also, the game had a different importance for me because I have been living in Brookyln for 3 months. Altough Utah Jazz has a Turkish basketball player, my favorite team was Brookyln Nets. After a contentious struggle, Brooklyn Nets won the game. I am very glad to have gone the game. Furthermore, I'm very grateful to NYLC for this activity set by them.

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