Thursday, June 27, 2013

Making something from scratch

When you MAKE something FROM SCRATCH you start with basic ingredients. This usually means using flour, water, eggs, milk, sugar, et al. You don't use mixes that you buy in a box at the supermarket. Dishes and desserts that are MADE FROM SCRATCH are usually made by hand, not by an automated system in a factory. You may use kitchen appliances to mix or to chop, and you may buy some ready-made ingredients such as pasta or anchovies and get away with calling it MADE FROM SCRATCH, but the entire recipe should be prepared by you. Of course, if you make your own pasta, yourself, that's even better, and you can say, "This dish is 'completely' MADE FROM SCRATCH," to emphasize that every part of the recipe comes from basic ingredients.

Annamaria is sprinkling some
cocoa powder on some tiramis├╣
that she made from scratch.
So can you make anything from scratch? Do you have a recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies that is TO DIE FOR (excellent; remarkable) or your grandmother's lasagna that is OUT OF THIS WORLD (excellent; extraordinary)? Share it with us! Write it down or type it up. It's a fun way to practice your English. You can then show it to your teacher for editing, and we'll post it on our blog to share with everyone. 

Annamaria is sharing her own recipe with us. We've tasted her tiramis├╣ a couple of times in the TOEFL class and asked if she could tell us how she makes it. We're definitely thankful it's not a secret family recipe because now we can try to make it ourselves. Thanks, Annamaria!

Click here to see Annamaria's tiramis├╣ recipe.

--Joe Yu, ESL instructor

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