Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas light in Dyker Heights

Dyker Heights is known for its over-the-top holiday decorations, and light displays get more and more elaborate each year. That’s how the event had been described to the students. One thing is for sure, the description fits the reality. 

The whole neighborhood was reflected the Christmas spirit. When we arrived in front of the first illuminated house on the corner, we completely forgot the long way it took us to reach the place, the cold or even the rain. It was simply unique and amazing… Every single house, or most of them, had a personalized decoration. They were pompously competing with each other to let visitors figure out which one is the most extravagant. The owners used a lot of imagination to keep our attention. We had plenty of choice between all of them... Most of the properties have Santa Claus, reindeers, cartoon figures, statuette, and lights of course, thousands of lights in different colors and shapes. You could take pictures with a fake but still moving Santa, watch the reindeers eating peacefully in the garden, sit in a king’s throne, etc. The decorations were very extravagant, and gave us the opportunity to face hilarious tacky ornamentation.    

The students enjoyed sharing this experience by taking memorable pictures, and discovering the architecture of the suburbs. A whole new environment for most of us…

In the streets we met a lot of children with their families who also came to appreciate the show. Through the years his activity became a tradition to attend in order to be completely soaked in the Christmas mood.

One thing came to my mind; do you think if I ring in one of the doorbells, will they let me in for Christmas dinner? Who wants to get a shot? 
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! Hope Santa will hear your requests… HO HO HOOOO

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