Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A French boy discovers America: Baseball & American Culture

Meet former NYLC student, Joel Barbin of Paris! Last week, Joel attended a New York Mets baseball game and an NYLC- Group Activity on a cruise boat. Now doing a marketing internship with New York Language Center, Joel continues his progress with the English language by contributing to the blog with a post of his experience. Enjoy!

21th of July, Awesome day for me!!! 

"I decided to know why New-york is a special city for many people. In order to answer my question, I attended 2 main events: Baseball Game & Boat Party.

Baseball is a famous American sport. I took the subway to watch the game in Queens (Mets vs Cardinals). You must go to the stadium to appreciate this sport, because when watching this by television, it’s not the same feeling. There was great ambiance with the costumes, even the dog was dressed in the colors of the team. That was crazy! Don’t worry if you can’t understand the rules because the fans can always explain the rules quickly. 
The fans became crazy when a player scores a home run. You can buy souvenirs before or after the game. I bought a baseball bat and a cap.  There are a lot of shows during half-time to distract the fans. It’s cheap when you take your ticket by internet in advance. Advice: Bring a cap and a bottle of water, Sometimes in New-York the weather can be very warm.

After this wonderful game, the school organized a cruise party as an NYLC-Group Activity.
The location of the party was at “Houston Street pier 40”. It was a great occasion for meeting people. You can also make new friends from the school. I was in a good mood with this great atmosphere. I appreciate the cruise when I saw the buildings. Music and food was excellent, the DJ play all kind of songs (Reggaeton, Bachata, Salsa, house…). For me, it’s original and unique event. I’m ready to go once a week because it’s an alternative to other parties. Dancing on a boat is a new experience for me (the boat rocks and sometimes, it’s hard to stay up). But you must have 21 to go, due to American law, because they sell alcohol on the boat".

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