Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Global Correspondence: Don't miss the opportunity to share your story

Do you have family & friends in Japan, the Middle East or North Africa?

Participate in a major U.S. magazine's project and share your story!

A major national magazine is looking to put together a feature showcasing correspondence (letters, emails, voicemail transc-ripts, Facebook correspondence, Twitter exchanges) between people living in NYC and their friends and families in turbulent parts of the world. It's a way of telling the story of what's been going on both in Japan and the Middle East / North Africa (Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Syria, Libya) through an informal, intimate context, without outside commentary, and to explore the way the people of this city are connected to the rest of the world.

The magazine is looking to print exchanges as found objects and would be open to redacting certain identifiers or sensitive words. The goal is not to make anyone uncomfortable, but to show the rich tapestry of responses and personal support.

If you are interested in sharing your story, please forward any correspondence, email chains or any form of messages back and forth to Alex Rees at:alex@maybealexislost.com or contact him if you have any further questions regarding the article. Alex Rees is a Fulbright scholar from the United Kingdom who's now working for the magazine, and he'd love to hear from you. Please also feel free to pass this message on to any friends or contact you think would be interested. The tentative deadline for submissions is April 11th.

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