Friday, September 3, 2010

Elena's English Expression REVEALED

Earlier this week, Elena asked if you could figure out what "pulling my leg" meant in this conversation.

A: Lisa, have you heard Mom won the lottery?! You'll be able to buy your Apple computer now.
B: Stop pulling my leg, Jamie. Mom has never played the lottery!

Students & friends have submitted their guesses, and this is what they say:

Aykut ERYILMAZ from Istanbul, TURKEY said.. "You are pulling my leg ; You are joking..very popular English saying,do not make joke"

Cecilia RODRIGUEZ: "are you kidding me?"
Pedro VIDAL"stop kidding, teasing or annoying me! Don´t piss me off!"

Great job guys! These are all meanings that can work for this expression. Thank you for submitting your answers! Check back to see if YOU can take a guess at Elena's next expression!

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