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Friday, 09/17/2010

Dear NYLC readers,

You know that it is autumn when you can feel the summer heat starting to fade; the kids are headed back to school; and the city is slowly being transformed into one huge runway for Fashion Week.

Fall in New York is an exciting time to be in the city, and just because summer is over, that does not mean that we can no longer have a great time! This THURSDAY September 16th, NYLC is welcoming everyone to join us at the famous FAT CAT bar in the West Village. Come and join the fun!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. If you have a friend that wants to be a subscriber to our newsletter, please reply with their e-mail address. Have a great week!

Cassandra, Marketing Assistant
New York Language Center

In this newsletter:

1. NLYC GROUP ACTIVITY: FAT CAT NYC. Come join the fun on September 16th (this THURSDAY!)

2. FREE THINGS TO DO, EACH DAY OF THE WEEK: A glance at the free events going on this week.

3. SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE: How and where to write a review on your experience studying at NYLC.


NYLC invites you and your family/friends to

Fat Cat NYC 
75 Christopher Street, 7th Ave

Bar, Ping pong, Pool, Live Jazz.
21+ to Drink Alcohol
Come join the fun!

When: Thursday, August 16th, 2010

Time & Meeting place: 5:20pm @ NYLC - Midtown

* Make sure to bring your I.D & cash for beverages and games

click here to RSVP NOW!!


Here is a selection of great free things to do in the city provided by Time Out New York.

SUNDAY: Shoot pool for free at Brady’s Bar

Swing by Upper East Side sports haunt Brady’s Bar on Sundays. This nearly 47-year-old saloon offers complimentary pool all day long (it’s $1.50 otherwise), as well as $4 bottles of Miller. 1583 Second Ave at 82nd St (212-861-6070,

MONDAY: Christian Marclay- Festival Whitney Museum of American Art 945 Madison Ave at 75th St, Manhattan, NY 10021

For nearly 30 years, this visual artist and pioneer turntablist has employed sculpture, performance, installation, video, photography and collage to meld the worlds of image and sound. This continuously evolving exhibition features musicians and vocalists performing "graphic scores," including one created on wall-sized chalkboard by the show's visitors. If you've always had a little Bach or Beethoven in you, this is your big chance to let it out.

TUESDAY: Eco-Fashion- Going Green:

Gone are the days when eco fashion was synonymous with sensible shoes and head-to-toe hemp. It has now become one of the fashion world’s most innovative and exciting genres. This new exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology explores the development of the eco-fashion movement by showcasing the work of environmentally-conscious designers from the 18th century to today. The Museum at FIT Seventh Ave at 27th st Manhattan, NY.


All you need to get into the beginner yoga classes at Williamsburg Beacon Center is a mat—no overpriced gym membership or fancy yoga pants required. 850 Grand St between Bushwick Ave and Waterbury St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn (718-302-5930). Mon, Wed 6–7pm; Sat 11am–noon.

THURSDAY: Burlesque at Nurse Bettie

Sip high-concept cocktails like the Au Pear (crafted from Absolut Pears, Chambord and pineapple) at this pinup-postered bar, while sinners in their skivvies shake it retro-style at the Thursday-night burlesque show, courtesy of Calamity Change. Check out Facebook or Twitter for a daily-changing password that gets you a free draft beer or well cocktail. 106 Norfolk St between Delancey and Rivington Sts (212-477-7515, Thu 9:30pm.

FRIDAY: Take a free 90-minute Grand Central tour with Justin Ferate

Acclaimed guide Justin Ferate not only dissects the lore and legends of Grand Central Terminal’s history, but places them within the context of its lesser-known neighborhood. Meet inside the lobby of the Altria Building, Park Ave at 42nd St (212-697-1245, 12:30pm.

SATURDAY: Head to Pour Wines for free wine and sake samples

On Saturday afternoons, this Upper West Side vino shop provides free samples of international and domestic varietals and sakes, the perfect pregame to whatever you’re doing later. 321 Amsterdam Ave at 75th St (212-501-7687, 5–7pm.

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