Friday, June 18, 2010

Students cheer for USA...again!

Today's video of students, as they gasp during today's USA game against Algeria is below (6/23/2010)...and happy bday, Audrey, who works at NYLC, Jackson Heights!!

By the way, is anyone else as frustrated as I am with these ridiculous FIFA referees??? Come on, what's going on with these awful calls?? All of our goals are getting robbed.

Here's a funny (and sadly true) article that sums it all up for me--and maybe for the rest of you, too:

In the 20th minute of the ongoing USA-Algeria game, Clint Dempsey appeared to pound in a goal to give the United States a 1-0 lead. We jumped in the air and screamed ... and by the time we landed, the goal had, once again, been disallowed. (You are forgiven if you wonder if the U.S. is even allowed to score.) The call was offsides, and the general consensus is that the call was a mistake. Again. The match is scoreless at halftime, and that isn't good: England is ahead 1-0 over Slovenia, also at the half, which means, as it stands right now, England and Slovenia would advance to the knockout round, and the Americans would go home. Setting aside the disallowed goal, the U.S. have had several chances to score, including a Jozy Altidore overshot on an open net. The U.S. is playing well, but they haven't scored. We're going to crawl into a ball and shake back and forth until the second half starts.

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