Monday, April 5, 2010

A little bit about this blog...

Welcome to the brand new NYLC blog, "Adventures in NYC with NYLC"! After seeing how much students enjoy meeting each other and viewing videos featuring new friends from NYLC on Facebook, I figured this might be a good idea!

Here, we can share recent stories about our experiences at NYLC and learn about each other. NYC is such an amazing city--let's explore it together! Have you been to a good restaurant lately? Seen an interesting museum exposition? Watched a cool new movie?? Tell us all about it!

Be sure not to miss out on future blogs where we'll talk about the latest activities and upload some of our favorite pictures and videos. And next time you hang out with your NYLC friends, make sure and take a camera along so that you can share your adventures here at the official Adventures in NYC with NYLC Blog!

And hey--be sure to comment on our videos! We want to hear from you guys.

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