Friday, March 11, 2016

Amy Wong: NYLC student & Law Firm Intern

New York Language Center is excited to announce that one of our students has just begun an internship in a New York law firm!


Amy Wong, one of NYLC’s many driven students, has received and accepted an offer to intern at an immigration law firm while she continues her English language studies at our school. She was able to meet with us and give us the lowdown on her internship and life here in New York!

Amy chose to come to New York for her first visit to America because she had long been fascinated by New York culture and wanted to experience it firsthand. Amy admits that she has a different background from many New York Language Center students: “I’m a bit different from my other classmates. I have been working for fifteen years without a break. I started my break in 2014. I have been traveling and studying since then.”

Amy and her classmates in her Advanced level class

Amy, who is an intellectual-property lawyer in China, saw the chance to intern at an immigration law firm in New York as an opportunity that she could not pass up.  Through the internship, she hopes to get to know local professionals and local business culture, as well as to practically apply her English-language abilities. As she is also interested in immigration law, the internship brings together a few of her interests, making it a perfect match!

As of now, she expects that a majority of her workload will be translation based--translating documents from English to Chinese. She thinks that she will get a lot out of this internship because she will get to learn about American law. She also expects her English to improve tremendously because her colleagues at the firm speak excellent English.

Amy strongly encourages her NYLC classmates who are studying in New York for a longer period to look into the possibility of interning while they are here.

We wish Amy the best in her adventures here in New York and the U.S.!

Amy found a gigantic carb during her trip to the West Coast!

  • Lowdown: the inside facts; the scoop
  • Firsthand: from the original source or personal experience; direct
  • Pass up: to let go by without accepting or taking advantage
  • Workload: work that needs to get done
  • Get a lot out of something: benefit from something
  • Look into: to investigate

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